Dairo is a fan character in the series. He's a protagonist in Seasons 1 and 2.

Dairo the Chameleon
Dairo the Chameleon, The Ninja Detective






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Season 1, Season 2

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Sprite Chronicles: Darkness and Light Episode 14

History/Background InformationEdit

Dairo's past is a mystery and he hasn't told anyone about it. What is known is that, before Danix, Scornic, and the others showed up, he spent 2 years on Earth being trained by Team Chaotix to become a detective. Because of his high I.Q., Dairo was able to become a master detective by the end of those 2 years. He later met Danix and his friends and siblings, and Dairo decided to hang out with them. He later helped them and other fan characters in Season 1. After Season 1, Dairo decided to keep working on his detective skills, along with his ninja skills. He was shocked when he learned that Danix became an insane mercenary, but he decided that he can tolerate it. He occasionally helps Danix on certain missions where they're both after the same person. Currently, Dairo is continuing to hone his detective and ninja skills.


Dairo is shown to be very serious and never jokes around. He is always observant and his predictions always seem accurate. He and Danix have a strained friendship, but it always works out half of the time.


Dairo has the same abilities as Espio, though he is faster and stronger. He has an I.Q. of 170, always being on par with Danix. Because of this high I.Q., Dairo always makes good strategies and accurate predictions.

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit


  • So far, Dairo has never fought in a battle.
  • Dairo seems to know a lot about Danix's mercenary missions, possibly by Danix telling him.
  • Dairo is one of the fan characters who have an unknown past.

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