The Hero Fan Characters was an unnamed team of fan characters who have worked with Mario and company. A majority of the members were supporting protagonists in Sprite Chronicles: Fire and Ice.

Hero Fan Characters
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Hero Fan Characters (unofficially)








The Story of the Frozen Sun

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31 (Peak) 23 (After Deaths and Defects)

Background InformationEdit

On June 16, 2010, fourteen of the fan characters (Danix, Scornic, Jerrell, Sadia, Dalia, Digikoopa, Jordan, his Bulbasaur, Frostxforest, Masterells, High Volts, Small Fry, Flaric, and FIR) came to Peach's castle. However, there were supposed to be more people with them, but those people were sent to different places by Danix. The group decided to ask Peach, Rouge, and Amy for their help, along with the aid of Mario and company, with finding their lost friends. Rouge agreed that she and friends would help them if the fan characters would help them find the Fire and Ice Shines, which the group agreed to.

Throughout Fire and Ice, the team would increase in members due to their lost friends joining after being found.


The goal of the Hero Fan Characters was to aid Mario and company with collecting the Fire and Ice Shines, along with finding their friends and fighting and defeating members from The Organization.


After the team was formed on June 16, 2010, the Hero Fan Characters stayed at Peach's castle, which was their unofficial base of operations. Where they gathered up to go on missions, usually always to find a Fire/Ice Shine or get one from enemy hands.


Member Status
Danix Mason Active
Scornic Harper Active
Jerrell Active
Sadia Mason Active
Dalia Mason Active
Digikoopa Active
Jordan Active
Frostxforest Active
Masterells Deceased
High Volts Left Team
Small Fry Left Team
Flaric Left Team
FIR Deceased
Jordan's Bulbasaur Left Team
Tunami Active
DX Left Team
Dairo Left Team
Aaron Active
Jo Active
Dark Chaos Active
Sergio Active
Masterbrawler Active
Darcey Active
John Active
Garunio Active
Siro Active
Zeno Active
Shin Active
Polmistis Active
Chaos Luigi Active
Hichigo Active



On June 26, 2010, and after all of the Fire and Ice Shines (excluding the Shines that The Darkness of Evil had) were collected, Peach forced the Hero Fan Characters to leave her castle due to the damage on the second floor caused by the events of Scornic's Anger: The Breakout to Revenge. Because they were successful in reaching their goal, the team disbanded after leaving the castle.


  • Technically, Rouge never held her end of her deal with the team; the team had found their friends without the aid of Rouge and company.
  • The Hero Fan Characters have the most members out of any team in the series.
  • The Hero Fan Characters currently have the most members that have left a team and the least deceased members.