King Dedede is a guest character in the series. He appears in Season 2 as a protagonist

King Dedede
King Dedede, Self-proclaimed ruler of Dream Land


King Dedede




Waddle Dee Army, Kirby (sometimes), Meta Knight (sometimes)


Kirby, Meta Knight, Bowser

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Season 2

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Sprite Chronicles: Fire and Ice Episode 4

History/Background InformationEdit

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King Dedede is greedy and selfish, often causing many problems for the inhabitants of Dream Land. He is also not necessarily evil, considering that all of his actions can be easily corrected. He occasionally teams up with Kirby to take down a greater common foe, such as Nightmare. It is unknown how King Dedede feels about Meta Knight or any of Kirby's allies, though it is implied that Dedede is on good terms with them.


Like Kirby, King Dedede can suck in objects, but instead of copying abilities, he spits them out with great force. His trademark weapon is a large (possibly mechanized) star-studded hammer, being able to swing it with ease. It is implied that he has increasingly massive strength, considering that his hammer is far too heavy for anyone to carry.

Season 2Edit

Dream Land ArcEdit

King Dedede is first seen being interrogated by Kirby in his (Dedede) arena. He tells Kirby that he doesn't have the Fire Shine, which is proven when Tails tells the group that the Fire Shine had just went outside of King Dedede's Castle. Meta Knight then appears, telling the group that an old enemy had reappeared. King Dedede then askes Meta Knight if he can go on the Halberd, stating that he wants to "get his hands on the guy who sneaked into his castle". Relunctantly, Meta Knight agrees. On the Halberd, King Dedede and Kirby are in the kitchen, eating all of the food. Later, they join Meta Knight in confronting Galacta Knight. After Galacta Knight states that he'll give them the Fire Shine if one of them can beat him in a duel, Kirby and Dedede leave to go back to the kitchen to finish an eating contest.


  • So far, King Dedede has yet to mention Queen Dedede or even having a wife. It is likely that he has either never married or denies being married to Queen Dedede despite her claiming that they were, though the latter has yet to be proven.
  • King Dedede doesn't know about the Fire and Ice Shines. It is likely that Kirby or Meta Knight will tell him about it.
  • It is unlikely that King Dedede will ever interact with the fan characters, considering the fact that he has no reason to.
  • King Dedede seems to get along with Kirby when they're not fighting each other.
  • Considering that King Dedede thought that Galacta Knight looks similar to Meta Knight (despite major differences), it is certain the Dedede has never met or heard of Galacta Knight.