Knuckles is a main supporting character in the movie and Season 2.

Knuckles the Echidna


Knuckles the Echidna




Sonic, Mario, Luigi, Shadow, Yoshi, Silver, Peach, Amy, Daisy, Blaze, Tails, Rouge, Cream, Rosalina


Bowser, Bowser Jr., Metal Sonic, Dr. Eggman, Mecha Sonic, Shadow Android

Appears in

The movie, Season 2

Created by

Takashi Thomas Yuda (SEGA)

First Appearance

Sprite Chronicles the Movie: The Negative World

History/Background InformationEdit

See Article: Knuckles


Knuckles is usually serious and is dedicated to protecting the Master Emerald, since it is his duty to do so. He gets angered easily, as seen in the first episode of Season 2. He sees Sonic as a good ally and an irritating rival. Knuckles seems to be on good terms with the Mario Bros and Yoshi, but his friendship with Shadow is more of respect than actual friendship and his friendship with Silver is somewhat on the same level. He pretty much acts like his video game counterpart.


Knuckles possesses immense superhuman strength, being able to lift and press 100 tons. He also has near-maximized endurance, so he is capable of taking major punishment. He can attack with Fire Punches and he can run very fast (though not on the same level as Sonic or Shadow). He can also glide in the air by trapping air under his dreadlocks. He is one of the only people that know how to access and utilize the Master Emerald's powers and he can sense Chaos Emeralds from a distance. He can also dig into any wall or floor. He can turn into Hyper Knuckles by using the Chaos Emeralds (or the Super Emeralds), but this has yet to be seen in the series.


Season 2Edit


  • In the series, Knuckles is currently dating Rouge.
  • Knuckles seems to be somewhat gullible, as seen in the first episode of Season 2 when he and Sonic made a $50 bet that Amy could break a rock with her hammer, showing that Knuckles didn't realize this and think it through.
  • Knuckles is one of the strongest characters in the series.

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