This is a list of all 20 episodes of Sprite Chronicles: Darkness and Light.

Episode Number Name
1 The Match
2 The Story of the 2 Deities
3 The Teams Divide: The Search is On!
4 Emerald Hunt: Mario's Team
5 Emerald Hunt: Sonic's Team
6 Enter: Sadia the Cat
7 Bowser Attacks: 2nd Emerald Found
8 Double Boss Battle: Hedro's Plan Begins
9 The Power of Fire and Ice
10 Allies Appear and Enemies Attack
11 Race to the Emeralds: The Four Battles Begin!
12 Hostage Situation: A Race Against Time
13 Vengeance is Mine!
14 Reinforcements: Hedro's Downfall
15 Rematch: Mario and Sonic vs Shadow Mario and Chaos
16 The End of Evil
17 Reunion
18 Fusion Reborn
19 The True Story
20 Mario vs Sonic: A Cruel Fate Awaits

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