AaronAkumaBattle in Space: Rivals Clash Once Again!
Battles in the Forest: Both Sides Duke It Out!BowserBowser Jr.
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Confrontations: Saving a Friend and Fighting an EnemyDairo the ChameleonDanix Mason
Danix the HedgehogDarcey the Black RoseDark Bowser
Dark ChaosDark Prophecy: Those Who DieDark Prophecy: Those Who Fall
Dark Prophecy: Those Who RiseDark SonicDarkness Series
Deker TsukiDigikoopaDimension Corps
DimentioDr. EggmanDr. Eggman Nega
Finding the Pieces: A Quick Reunion and A Secret UncoveredFinding the Traitor: Akuma on the RunFlaric
FoxGalacta KnightGanondorf
Garunio KoutsoGarunio the Half-DemonGood Copy, Bad Copy: A Doppelganger's Revenge
Hedro AhrimanHero Fan CharactersHichigo the nightmare ninja
Hidden Power Unleashed: A Fight to the Death!Jerrell ReidJin Hellsing
JoJordan's BulbasaurJordan the green kirby
Journey to Space: Assisting Star FoxKing DededeKirby
KnucklesKyumako's VengeanceLink
List of Season 1 episodesList of Season 2 episodesLuigi
Mecha ShadowMecha SonicMephiles
Meta KnightMetal SonicMokasu's Warrior
NazoNigredo BlackPreparations and Goodbyes
Princess Peach ToadstoolQueen DededeRematch on the Death Egg: The Mechas' Last Stand
Return of the Mechas: Attack on Angel IslandSachimaruSadia the Cat
Scornic's Anger: The Breakout to RevengeScornic HarperSergio
ShadowShadow AndroidShadow Jo
SiroSonicSonic's Determination: I Won't Back Down!
Sprite ChroniclesSprite Chronicles: Darkness and LightSprite Chronicles: Darkness and Light (2017)
Sprite Chronicles: Fire and IceSprite Chronicles: The Years BetweenSprite Chronicles: Time and Space
Sprite Chronicles WikiSprite Chronicles the Movie: The Negative WorldStolen Shines and the Return of Old Allies
Team MarioTeam SonicTests of Strength: Overcoming the Obstacles!
The Belied BeginningThe Darkness of EvilThe Final Mission: Repairing a Broken Timeline
The First Mission: Shine Hunt in Dream LandThe Master Emerald's Power: Super Forms Unleashed!The Match
The Mysterious Object: Another Adventure Begins!The OrganizationThe Rebellion Begins: The End of Dr. Eggman
The Story of the Frozen SunThe Truth Revealed and New Allies FoundTrouble in Hyrule: Mario's Resolve
YoshiZeno Brando
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