Shroobic is a fan character in the series. He's an antagonist in Season 2.







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Appears in

Season 2

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First Appearance

Sprite Chronicles: Fire and Ice Episode 5

History/Background InformationEdit

During the events of Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time, when the Shroobs were invading, Shroobic was a troop in the army of Commander Shroob. After their defeat, the bomb blew up. 4 Shroobs were sent to a freezer in Baby Bowser's Castle and were locked in. Years later, during the events of Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, on the attack of Bowser's Castle, Shroobic was knocked out of a wall. He somehow landed in a near by space pod and flew off. He landed on the Planet Neoxys. He was frozen in the freezer too long, making him change to an icey blue color. He roamed around learning the customs and language of the land. He spent some time training, which eventually led to him gaining super speed. He was prepared to call some allies until he discovered that his race was wiped out. He vowed revenge against the Mario Bros. He picked up a camera on his touring and got fond of it, taking pictures from time to time. While hearing the language from the planet, he heard the "ick" a lot, so he named himself Shroobic. He soon met Scornic, who meddled in his plans.



Season 2Edit


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